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"Healthy Eating for A Busy Life"

As a BUSY PROFESSIONAL, you don't have the time to spend hours in the kitchen or researching the latest and greatest diet trends. 

You need a SIMPLE & STRAIGHTFORWARD approach to nutrition that fits into your busy schedule and helps you feel your best. 

What if there was a simple guide that can teach you Green-Yellow-Red Ligh food types?
That's where we come in...

IMAGINE FEELING MORE ALIVE, ALERT, and HAPPY, with fewer health issues to worry about. And the best part? By taking care of yourself, you'll also be supporting the health and well-being of those around you. 

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In our Balance Guide, you’ll discover…

Our extremely SIMPLE approach to nutrition, so you can feel ENERGIZED and THRIVE each and every day.
How to create a CHAMPION exercise habit that will launch you to your fitness goals faster than ever before.
How to COMPLETELY TRANSFORM your communication skills and uncover the POWER YOU HAVE with the words that you use every day.
And much, much more!

Our unique approach works on your body, mind, and nutrition according to YOUR needs.

We are Jen & Dean Gross, Health & Performance Coaches, Speakers, & Entrepreneurs.

We spent the last 2 + decades working with c-suite executives and sales professionals. We had the pleasure to work with, mentor, employ, and report to some of the most driven & successful sales professionals & executives you will ever meet.

We know your challenges and frustrations, because we had them too. We live and breathe your life, so we can completely relate with you.
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