In our COMPLIMENTARY Balance guide, discover...

3 Game-Changing Resources That Enable Hard-Working Executives To Regain Control Over All Aspects Of Life, Achieve Balance, & Thrive


"Achieve Balance & Thrive, Even with Your Challenging Schedule and Responsibilities"

If you’re like many corporate professionals, you’re extremely successful at work but may fall short in your health and or personal life. In fact, only 7% say that they’re completely happy with their life and who they are. Many suffer with challenging patterns of missing family events, declining health, strained marriages, and more.

Sound familiar to you?

Do you find yourself thinking, "How can I get off this hamster wheel of work, overwork, success, burn-out in my life...

Do you find yourself feeling like, "I'm an outsider looking in on my family, and time is just passing me by..."  

Do you find yourself saying, "I'm tired of always feeling SICK and TIRED..."

This is where we come in...

You indeed can HAVE IT ALL!  

You can have a successful career, along with deep and fulfilling relationships, and have unbridled energy and vitality again.


It takes a proven, strategic plan that focuses on 3 basic fundamentals to regain control over all aspects of your life, achieve balance, & thrive!

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In our Balance Guide, you’ll discover…

Our extremely simple approach to nutrition, so you can feel ENERGIZED and THRIVE each and every day.
How to create a CHAMPION exercise habit that will launch you to your fitness goals faster than ever before.
How to COMPLETELY TRANSFORM your communication skills and uncover the POWER YOU HAVE with the words that you use every day.
And much, much more!

Our unique approach works on your body, mind, and nutrition according to YOUR needs.

We are Jen & Dean Gross, Health & Performance Coaches, Speakers, & Entrepreneurs.

We spent the last 2 + decades working with c-suite executives and sales professionals. We had the pleasure to work with, mentor, employ, and report to some of the most driven & successful sales professionals & executives you will ever meet.

We know your challenges and frustrations, because we had them too. We live and breathe your life, so we can completely relate with you.
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