Published November 27, 2023
Hydration Helps Us Feel Good Over the Holidays
A recent study revealed that over 70% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration. It isn't just about feeling thirsty; it can adversely affect our health and mental alertness. It's easy to overlook how much water we consume. Or don’t consume.

Many of us underestimate the importance of staying adequately hydrated over the holidays. And, I don't mean grabbing a cold one during a football game. Our lives are constantly hectic, especially during the holidays, and it's easy to overlook how much water we consume. Or don’t consume. 

No matter the weather, drinking water is vital to our health! Being adequately hydrated is crucial to regulate our body temperature, keep our organs and cells functioning properly, protect our immune system, and lubricate our joints.

Are you one of them?

It is not surprising that a recent study revealed that over 70% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration. It isn't just about feeling thirsty; it can adversely affect our health and mental alertness. 

The good news is that you can take steps to stay well-hydrated, even during the bustling holiday season. During this time of the year, when we're juggling numerous activities and festivities, maintaining optimal hydration is crucial. Here are six compelling reasons to prioritize water intake during the holidays.

  1. Prevent a Holiday Hangover: Many of us indulge in alcoholic beverages at holiday gatherings, but alcohol dehydrates the body. To ward off a dreaded holiday hangover, make it a practice to drink plenty of water alongside your favorite festive drinks. Experts recommend having one full glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume. You'll wake up feeling remarkably better the next day by keeping yourself adequately hydrated throughout your holiday celebrations. You’ll be better able to deal with your pesky in-laws and family members, wink wink.

  2. Radiant Skin for Holiday Photos: Holiday family photos are a cherished tradition, and we all want to look our best. Increasing your water intake helps to ensure your skin appears healthy and vibrant. Hydration revitalizes your skin cells, making your skin look firmer and less dry. Remember, your skin is an organ, and, like the rest of your body, it needs ample hydration to function at its best. Many experts consider staying hydrated one of the best ways to keep your skin looking youthful. If you want to shine in your holiday photos, drink plenty of water.

  3. Boost Your Metabolism: Did you know that drinking a glass of water after a good night's sleep jumpstarts your body's metabolism in the morning? It's true! Water is the perfect way to rev up your metabolism, and some experts believe that consuming cold water burns more calories than room-temperature water. If you want your metabolism to handle all the delicious holiday feasts, stay hydrated.

  4. Skip the Holiday Sniffles: You've probably heard your doctor advise you to stay hydrated when you're sick, and there's a good reason for that. Staying hydrated keeps your mucous membranes in optimal condition, preventing germs from infiltrating your nose and throat. And if you happen to catch a holiday bug, staying well-hydrated will help you recover more quickly. No one wants to be sick during the holiday season, so drink plenty of water to fend off those holiday sniffles.

  5. Banish Bad Breath: During holiday parties, we often find ourselves in close proximity to family and friends. There's nothing worse than dealing with bad breath up close. To avoid being the source of unpleasant breath at holiday gatherings, make sure you're drinking enough water. Why? Maintaining proper mouth hydration helps wash away food particles and bacteria known to cause bad breath. Keep things fresh by drinking ample water this holiday season.

  6. Control your Cravings: Holiday gatherings seem to have become synonymous with indulgence. If you're concerned about packing on extra pounds during this festive time, water can be your ally. Some studies suggest that increasing water intake while dieting can lead to more significant overall weight loss compared to those who restrict their water intake. This is due to various factors, one of which is that drinking water can delay the onset of hunger, reducing overall calorie intake. Additionally, water gives your metabolism a boost.

Cheers to health, happiness, and hydration

Staying hydrated during the holiday season is essential to your physical and mental well-being. It will help you feel more energized and healthier, ensuring you can fully enjoy all the planned holiday festivities.

Cheers to good health and happiness this holiday season. If we help support your well-being with a unique plan tailored to your needs and goals, then let’s connect.

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